21 October 2008

the calling

words and art. i've had a vision of what i've wanted to create for years. sat is just a proving ground. i prefer prose comic; uglyangie is after the po-art (my new phrase). soon it will all come together. i like graphic novels like persopolis and blankets, but i'm tired of the giant whiney coming of age crap these loser cartoonists produce in the name of autobiography. i have a book that reminds me of angie. i will find it tonight and put it in her mailbox tomorrow. there's one publisher of possibility.


trixie said...

i am especially pleased with the pics to accompany the blog

i am also pleasantly surprised that I can actually read the words you must verify to post...just as i say this, i have to retype since i got it wrong....damn the spammers who make me do this

Ugly Angie said...

wow---not only is uglytrixie hot but I think she's hot for uglyscott...
I can't get over the comics in your hand...they look awesome and I can't even read anything...is this the newest SAT issue? I'm not recognizing that bar scene...this is going to be the best damn issue ever...trixie's right, these are easier words---my word is ruskier...I am going to use that at work tomorrow..."I think it would be much ruskier if we were to open the office at 7:45 instead of 8:00am."