09 October 2008

non-fiction fairy tales

i think it might need a snappier title, but non-fiction fairy tales works in the meantime. it's a perfect definition if not the best label. it is growing on me like moss.

i was going to try to write something this afternoon, but the attempt has ruined my ability. i seem to write the most when i'm grading papers.

my next will not have me as the narrator. i will be an iranian woman feeding her children with tears and blood clots, or a waitress devastated by the sadness of lonely eaters, or the light that travels all the way to earth just to hit us on an overcast winter day.

first i must write a murder mystery for deep. by monday. i'm not sure i know how. someone gets killed, but that's all i've got so far. that's not right. someone also "done it." five characters. maybe one will be an iranian woman, another a waitress, and . . .

1 comment:

Ugly Angie said...

a murder mystery...for his class...I knew he was looking for one...Deep's pretty picky...what an honor that you were picked...hmmm...I have never written a murder mystery either...I suppose someone must die...but if it's a non-fiction fairy tale then perhaps it could be a non-murder murder mystery about someone having a fantasy about offing someone...you can do it...it will be great!