02 March 2009

bleeding time

i am officially on spring break, though there is no spring or break. i'm trying to break up the normal work of writing evaluations and grading things by putting some serious effort into my wall project--dividing a room, installing two closets, putting in a slider door. such projects often consume me. i can see the next step, so i like to keep working. this, of course, puts me behind on other things i think i should be doing.

i've found the only way to stop is by bleeding. a good gaping wound requires me to move onto something less physical. one can't hammer with blood squirting. i guess it's possible, but i don't want to replace the carpet too.

today i was saved at 4:30. don't know how it happened. rarely do. the blood appears on pants and floors, and i look around to see where it is coming from. my bandage of choice is a paper towel. now the typing has re-opened it. i guess writing is too physical as well.

1 comment:

Bambi said...

What is it with men? My dad does that crap.... no project is finished until it has been bleed upon!