02 March 2009


a piney squirrel moved into our garage over the winter. she is small enough to come and go under the door. i don't have too much of a problem with this. other than a brief period after reading ted nugent's newest book and wanting to kill squirrels as he does, i have had a laissez faire attitude toward it. i have the space. the little squirrel can be my temporary guest.

she doesn't thank me though. today it scampered somewhere over my head and chattered at me. it didn't sound threatening, but it didn't seem like a friendly greeting either. i suppose she doesn't like my increased trips in and out of her appartment to cut wood.

she is a messy houseguest as well. it has destroyed bird food bags, knocked things off shelves, and even put a wallnut in one of my bags of nails.

it all reminds me of an experience a friend had while handing out charity food at thanksgiving. people complained that they wanted something different. they were angry about the lines. i think one person through a wallnut at her. charity is a rough road. i think i will limit my future endeavors to more impersonal acts of kindness, like filling out those shamrocks at the gas station for jerry's kids. it's fun to write cryptically dirty things in those anyway.


rcrum said...

We once had three baby raccoons take up residency in our garage. We eventually got them out, only to find them crawling up the brick walls trying to find openings to the house. I was mighty creepy to see that when pulling into the drive!

lu said...

I have an ungrateful @%er living in my attic. You give me an Idea--blast Ted Nuggent up there...oh yeah, they'll take to the trees.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I had a family of mice that took up residence in the engine of my car last winter..They were stealing the dog food from the bags and had made a home in the engine of my car.

I would have never known but for the electrical system in my car kept shorting out. The little buggers were nawing away at my electrical wires. cost me..or my insurance co. over 8 grand. Hmph..

Bambi said...

I laugh so damn hard at your posts, you leave ME speechless... which is rare!