17 May 2009

i ran out of impatiens

playing catch-up today and looking forward to slowing down a bit, checking out some blogs, drawing bad cartoons, putting down patio blocks.

obama was in the neighborhood today, so we went to lowe's. no picketing at all there, though some of their employees were clogging up the aisles. i sensed a protest.

uglywife spent the day in the dirt, and the last time i saw her, she stood over a dozen holes and told me she had run out of impatiens. flower humor always gets to me.

my indoor project of the last few months continues to prove my theory of work planning. i started the day estimating four more hours of work. after four hours, i now estimate four more hours of work. this has gone on for a few weeks. i think it began as a twenty hour chore.

and that is all. supper making calls.

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