18 August 2009

i don't know my cousins

at the minnow, harlow tells me about some sort of cool web site that i can post stuff i want to get rid of and people will pick it up. she says it takes less than a day to unload a broken washing machine. "just google dowagiac recycle," she says.

that didn't work. then i remembered she called it freecycle. i look that up and find that it is a yahoo group. i go to the group and it tells me i'm not a member.

so i try to use my old yahoo id, bigbadjerryyang, and it no longer exists. i sign up for it again. questions, questions, questions. when i get to the "pick a security question," i'm stumped. i don't know which of my aunts is my favorite. my kids don't have nicknames. i don't have favorite movies longer than a week. i don't know the name of my oldest cousin. i'm fairly certain i have about 100 cousins, a few of whom i met as a child, but we didn't really get close enough to discuss names or ages.

i pick a random question and write licedung as my answer.

then i must choose another security question just in case i forget licedung. this group has one question i can answer: favorite author. i type in the name. "your response cannot be the same as your password," yahoo tells me. my new favorite author is pussmunch.

now i get to retype the squiggly letters. my poor eyesight and lack of art education make this task nearly impossible. three tries, though, and i'm bigbadjerryyang again.

i go to search groups. dowagiac freecycle doesn't exist. i will continue to put crap by the side of the road. it works without a password.


Red Heart Super Saver said...

my internet banking does the same shit with "extra" security questions (it's not like there's ever anything in there, so why should I know this, right?) and I actually had to call them once to reactivate my login because I had forgotten exactly how case sensitively I had entered my sister's employer's name. I like your method better.

p.s. freecycle sucks unless you're in the broken blenders and minimally stained 12-18 month sized baby gap carpenter pants trade.

lu said...

I love to look up the free stuff with pictures on craigs list. It's the best source of laughter ever.

Ugly Scott said...

yo red,

fortunately i am in the broken blender trade, but i prefer my baby gap carpenter pants extra stained. i guess it's a good thing this freecycle alludes me.

and lu, i will check them out. perhaps you should compile a list. be careful while you do so, though. i'm told by the tv that your chances of getting murdered greatly increase with craig's list use.

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