22 January 2009


here are some rumors i've been trying to start for years (or days). feel free to spread them.

Entertainment: Quentin Tarantino has purchased the rights to many classic movies from the 1930s and 40s in order to introduce them to a new generation of viewers. To make them relevant he is re-dubbing them to add currently popular swear words. 380 swears were added to Gone with the Wind. "Frankly, Scarlet, you f***in bitch, I don't m*****f***in give a f***in s**t."

Politics: Magic Johnson once dated Barak Obama's sister.

Health: A recent study from the University of Maryland Medical School found that the health risks of second hand smoke are greatly exaggerated, but third and fourth hand smoke can be potentially life threatening.

Personal (say this happened to you): I was at a party for parents with babies and young children. There was a lot of breast feeding going on--nothing unusual, just kids tucked under little blankets drinking breast milk. All of a sudden, one of the women took off all of her clothes and began breast feeding while completely naked. "This is the natural way," she said.


bivalish said...

wow, how did none of these actually get spread around yet? these are brilliant rumors!

Rhi said...

no way... gone with the wind?!?

in beta said...

like Magic Johnson used to say on his talk show "You are badddddddddddd"

Candy's daily Dandy said...

As far as I'm concerned, Gone With the wind is sacred. I'm not touching that one.
The other three will be fun to spread around.;)