28 January 2009

zero effort accomplishment

today i rushed home to meet the furnace guy. i thought i had better shovel a path for him and check the kitty litter just in case the cat decided to stink up the basement rather than my office. i imagine the furnace business is filled with catshit afternoons, and i don't want to add to that.

neither snow nor poop had fallen since i had left in the morning, so my job was pretty easy (just clean up after the plow). i sat and waited and greeted and paid. there was only one difficulty associated with the entire task: convincing the furnace guy that december 2007 was only a year ago and not two. "you should have it cleaned after a year, not two years." the discussion ended in a draw--both of us convinced the other couldn't subtract.

at the end of it all, i could check "furnace" off my list with nearly no effort on my part. i love accomplishing things without doing anything. i get excited every friday when a truck comes and helps me check "garbage" off my list. i need more of this. what ever happened to the milk man?

an old boss of mine told me that when young i would get paid for what i did, and when i got older, i could get paid for what i knew. i guess that when i was young i could sense accomplishment for what i did; now i feel it when i pay someone else to do it. god bless america.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

I'm going to remember that-young paid for what you do-older paid for what you know. Accomplishment is truly satisfying, I agree.

And FYI- I have a milk man that delivers on Wednesdays. Yes-God bless America!

Linda S. Socha said...

This was a great fun post. I love those kind of getting things done..even one a day is a good thins. I confess.... If I get through a day where nothing was accomplished on the list then I add something to the list...like got up, combed hair....As girl has to have done

Bambi said...

You've been tagged- go to my site to check it out.

Ugly Scott said...

great idea, linda. reverse list. even i can get through that. and candy, i am very jealous. if the milk man doesn't mind the extra few hundred miles on his route, please send him by.