02 December 2008

just saying

doug came to the meeting last and rolled his eyes when he was handed the "scavenger hunt" list. doris explained it to him: "you have to find people in the room that fit the categories. but you can't use any person more than once. it's an ice breaker." doug stared. "you can use me for this one here." she points. "i've worked in a foreign country. i taught english in korea." doug stared.

people mingled. doug kept moving. discomfort moved like a gas through the room, fueling some, burning others. short bursts of laughter could be heard above the murmur of nothing funny.

a tall woman approached doug and asked him if he was born in michigan. she seemed interested. "i have a fetish for sneezing women," he said. "the complete lack of control reminds me of an orgasm." doug kept moving.

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Ugly Angie said...

did you start a zazzle fish line????