19 December 2008

the last christmas blog

there is a groundswell movement i don't see reported on tv. it isn't anti-christmas as much as it is christmas-indifferent. the opposite of love is indifference, after all. christmas drop-outs like us.

last year we flew to new orleans on christmas day. tickets were too much this year, so we're at home until the 28th. christmas drop-outs from up north were supposed to visit on the 25th (our new term for the holiday), but they became travel drop-outs as of yesterday.

but last night at a fundraiser, we chatted at a bar with the michigan cowboy, another christmas refugee, who said he would be at home this year as well. next thing we knew we had plans to make the perfect old fashion at his basement bar on the 25th. john galt will join us. at some point we will go see the spirit at the movie theater. movies based on vintage comics and vintage cocktails will be our tradition for a day.

and we shall sing my new 25th carol, sung to an obvious tune:

i'll be drunk for two five
you can bet your ass
please have rye and apple pie
and bitters in the glass. . .


Joseph Martin III said...

Is it Christmas time already?.....I was too busy watching my Mystery Science Theater 3000 Box Set to notice....

ugly wife said...

old fashions in the cowboy's basement, cracker barrel dinner, the spirit...there is certainly a lot to do on drop-out two five day.

Michael Reid said...

Nice rhyme.