17 December 2008

state of the economy

the news tells me every morning that things are bad. i've been considering panicking and downsizing in my personal life to reflect national trends. as for the panic, i tried to do the dishes with an attitude of irrational fear, but i'm afraid i wasn't able to do it. dried milk cannot be removed in haste. i did the dishes in my usual manner. to downsize, i told the cat that i was no longer able to keep her on the payroll. in response, she batted a plant and went to sleep. once again i am no good at following national fashion.

i looked closely at my own economic indicators and came to a different conclusion than the news does every morning.

1 it is cold outside, yet warm inside. good.
2. i saved $1.69 because the quicky mart was out of the pink sobe. good.
3. i am able to watch the justice league on my tv. good.
4. i have a wife who buys me dinner and drinks at the minnow. good.
5. the bag of baked cheetos in the kitchen is 4/5 full. good.
6. i got to hold a little girl named reagan makepeace who called me grampa with her eyes. great.


Anonymous said...

The news in my town is telling me that we are in the grip of a flu virus.
They are warning us that a hospital ward has closed and that you should only go outside if you really really need to.

Apparently I live in "Scaremongertown" where the world is gripped by a deadly virus that makes you vomit for about a day and then have a sore throat. But you best stay inside just incase you mutate into some flesh eating zombie or a cyborg tooled up with a pump action laser gun comes along and murders you.

Ugly Angie said...

Congrats to Mercedes and Nick...a very cute pic...

Elmo said...

A new baby in the family - how cool is that?!?!?! Congrats to Mercedes, Nick and everyone else there.