09 February 2009

medieval job market

we've been watching an old pbs series about medieval times. some of the jobs seem pretty cool. since the job market isn't all that great in dowagiac, michigan, i'm thinking of moving to medieval times and changing careers.

peasant: bad title, not a bad job. sure, there's the toil, but the taxes are lower than here. you only have to work a couple months for the landowner, rather than nearly four months for the government.

doctor: they get to experiment on people, which is always fun. apparently, being wholistic healers, they evaluate the humors (which i have done before), and then look at the person's urine. the only downside to the job is that part of the urine inspection is a taste test. "hmmm, your urine seems to be sweet. we will have to let some blood."

monk: i like the clothes. most of them got hookers, too. i'm afraid i couldn't learn the sign language, though. it seemed very elaborate.

philosopher: best job ever. it is perfect for the dabbler like me. sure, there's the contemplation, but there is also cool chemical experiements, and the ability to give unsolicited advice to kings.

knights and outlaws and minstrals have too high a liklihood of getting killed. the clothes are too flashy for me as well. so i'm going to scan the medieval classifieds for philosopher openings. it may finally be my time to move.


Elmo said...

Don't forget to consider Village Idiot. Similar to philosopher but you have to live outside.

Ugly Angie said...

this is good stuff...I see Columnist in your future

Mignon said...