08 April 2009

don't bring me down

i haven't been blogging much lately simply because i've been a little busier and perhaps less creative than what passes for normal. then i noticed today that my last two blogs made people worry, and that isn't something i normally like to do. no tales of random acts of drinking at the wounded minnow, no revelations about the sham wow (buy something called sham and complain you've been ripped off?), no observations about the debates of the world stage played out in small town middle america. what instead? a story about an pancreas and a "poem" about early death.

sorry about that. the entry that preceeded my long absence was about my pancreas gaining consciousness. it was just a story born from a conversation had over a trash can with my wife. we were thinking that stomach noises might be attempts at communication. i chose pancreas because i like the way it sounds. people wondered if i was alright. they thought i was talking about my actual pancreas. i'm fine, and i really do appreciate the concern. i am very fortunate that my fiction didn't manifest in real life and strike me down with a bad case of gut rot. i believe in the hex. i haven't had the flu in years, i might say, and then be striken the next day.

spring does give me a little more sadness than usual, though, so it comes out in my attempts at poetry. what i said in the poem is simply what i was thinking about while looking in the backyard that morning before writing. it has been nearly three years since i lost my son, and it isn't something i generally bring up in conversation, but it will come out from time to time (usually indirectly) in my writing.

though today with that crazy grand-girl trying to type over my shoulder as i write this, i think the world is pretty good. next entry i'll make fun of something again.


Marty said...

Cute baby, but she looks like she's about to coldcock you!

lu said...

That last piece was a great piece. The fact that we assumed it was literal is testament to your freak cool writing chops. I have a big crush on you and your cynical circle here in the biosphere.
As for the sadness--Well, makes me fall in love a little - I marvel at the strength it must take everyday.

Mo blogging buddy, I loves the uglies.

Woman in a Window said...

love your way nonetheless, even through the haze of stomach gas. Here's to more happiness not dribbling, but pouring your way.