21 April 2009

paper in my pipes

Two activities I enjoy engaging in are writing notes on random objects and taking on sporadic cleaning/organizing chores. I write things and forget about them. Later, on a cleaning whim, I discover lost thoughts. This method is more enjoyable than always knowing what I think.

Today I began cleaning the drawer next to my bed. Amongst the hundred or so notes on paper scraps, 3 x 5s, envelopes, and bar coasters, I found a friend's voice.

My friend John died last year, but he left bits of himself on pieces of paper, many of which I am happy to have, like little breadcrumbs leading back to his smirk.

Here's what I found: an article he printed off for me on 8 January 2008, entitled "Prehistoric Mold Found in Denver Sewer." The article describes a giant mold which likes to live in pipes (reminding it of what 250 million years ago I can only guess). I remember him showing me the article, excitedly speculating on the life of giant molds. Below the article in his handwriting is what he thought the mold should be called: "Brian the Bryozoan."

Thanks, John.


Woman in a Window said...

Nice, notes living on as old as mold, keeping it all in a state of alive.

Indigo said...

Finally, whatever the Gods professed reasoning may be - My Google Reader has coughed up the realization your blog truly does exist. In short I'm now getting updates. I started following you months ago to no avail.

This was pretty profound. It makes me want to leave even more of those little notes strewn around my home. Gentle reminders of poetic beauty - mine and anyone else who shares. (Hugs)Indigo

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