14 September 2008

beautiful plotlessness

a day of nothing--and i wonder if this were to be my last day on earth would it be significant enough?

if happiness is contentedness and contentedness is do-nothing then maybe the best way to face the end is like i did today--like my cat who sat on the front porch watching small movements through the rain, getting up every so often when hungar or an itch provoked a change in scenery.

i played family feud online and yelled at the stupidity of some of the answers i failed to get. n played too and complained that french fry is definately something that falls under your car seat (rather than cell phone and pda which she didn't guess). "look under people's car seats and you'll find a french fry," she said. and the cat bit its own foot.

i read the military blogs i read regularly and sent some money to people less lazy than me so they could send supplies to soldiers overseas.

i watched a little meet the press until i realized it was not the proper way to waste time, since it irritated me and told me nothing new. politicians read the party-scripted responses implanted in their frontal lobes in order to "win" the debate. they condone behaviors in party members they condemn in the opposition. no more rational thinking in these shows than in tailgating arguments between rival sports fans. the only difference is that tailgating provides better food.

a sitting and passive day when nothing is created and very little done other than digestion.

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Ugly Angie said...

this was a terrific read...the tone is quite reflective of the rain and your mood as you quietly digested...