16 September 2008

flood warning

rained about a foot in a couple days and other than a little indoor gloom and faster walks from house to car, it didn't really have an effect on us. we don't flood. it should be used as an advertisement for our town.

the pill bugs made a mass evacuation to the porch.

n thought it was interesting that we were getting hurricane rain. it seemed so exotic.

the only thing that flooded in dowagiac was cause for jokes. i learned about it from the cashier at the pri-mart (a daughter of a crazy work study i had once who recently died of mysterious causes). she pointed at the front page of the daily news and asked me if i thought it was funny.

i thought she was referring to the picture of a pumkin headed man straining to look human while holding a badly designed book beneath his chin. "local man writes book."

she was talking about the picture of the middle school flooded. everyone laughs. we the people. we laugh at the stupid people who decided to build the large, expensive school, twice as big as the student body, and lied at every stage of the multi-vote, multi-year "debate" to get it built--in the middle of nowhere. it's our money, but seeing it flood is cause for celebration amonst the powerless. if it were to burn, the paper would declare a tragedy, twenty people would agree, and the rest of us would make fun of it over drinks at the wounded minnow before sneaking over to the site late at night to steal a brick or desk.

if only it were raining today, a day i am slave to grading. perhaps i will get a beer like angie-at-home.


Ugly Angie said...

thanks for the blog...i was in desperate need for intelligent musings...n is funny...her line about the french fries still rings true...when i was at mike the mechanic's today (his real name) we were talking about things he has seen underseats in the cars he works on...french fries and hamburger chunks are very very common place...mike also said that the back of plumber trucks/vans are the absolute worst...dirty pipes filled with you-know-what...removed toilets...ugh....

Ugly Scott said...

now here's something for that dirty jobs guy.

ugly wife said...

well, have either of you lost or found a pda under your car seat? it's rare for me to eat a meal in the car and only like french fries if i'm eating a fish sandwich from mccrappy's. what you will find under my car seats are lost receipts, straws, straw wrappers, frappachino odds and ends, chili cheese fritos, and my own hair. and yes, i drink a lot of frappachino's. on long drives i munch on chili cheese fritos to stay alert.