15 September 2008

to hell with ugly betty

just had an official ugly cousin meeting with angie. we shall someday rule the world. more on that later.

we talked about re-starting our blogs and re-invigorating our ugly efforts when the topic of calling ourselves ugly scott and ugly angie came up. we both have reservations because of that damn tv show ugly betty. sounds like we're imitating it. we were here first. i've never seen the show.

it reminds me of the experience of naming my youngest son forrest. shortly after his birth the movie forrest gump came out. people who could not do the math said (for years), so you named him after the movie? apparently, there are movie characters a child would rather be named after. no one wants stupid parents to yell "run, forrest, run" at a soccer game.

so please don't mistake us with betty. unless you like it/her. then, yes, we've named ourselves after the show.


Ugly Angie said...
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Ugly Angie said...

yes, to hell with betty...and yes, our plottings should enable us to take over at least the faculty lounge...