29 September 2008


ok, i've thought about it, uglyangie.

i'm happiest when i write the sorts of things i like to write--adult fairy tales, bar stories, rants.

i'm least happy if i'm trying to fit something into a package i think someone else will like. plot pisses me off.

writing long things is maddening for me, but i don't mind the work. you were talking about writing when it feels like work. i don't think i mind that. for me, it's a matter of what do i want to go back to. what do i look forward to doing? the time spent on task might be frustrating or mundane work while i'm doing it, but if i'm into it, i look forward to going back.

i get bored quickly, though, so i like to have a number of things going on, so i have something to go to when i get bored of something else.

i guess the key is to give ourselves permission to create the stuff we want to and not the stuff we think we should. free comics and pointless magic for me. mike mine ugly, as the saying goes.

i hoped that if i thought about it for a while, something profound would come. sorry it didn't maybe my mind is still fixated on creating soup.

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Ugly Angie said...

your pictures are just spectacular...if I can remember, I am going to rig up my own webcam tomorrow...duct tape and our digital camera should do for now...thanks for your insights...hmmm...my novel came to mind when you said what you said...i wonder why ---when I sit before it---i get so anxious and feel like i am at the dinner table forced to eat my brussel sprouts before I can leave...waiting to hear from my mom's financial advisor...think it times to sell...see what he says...