23 September 2008

political animal

a couple times in my life i've given up politics--for the same reason i've given up college football. it makes me too nervous.

i know which team i like, and i don't understand why everyone isn't rooting for my team. i am surprised when someone doesn't like asparagus, though i didn't like it as a kid.

i get so wrapped up in it, that i get a little self-righteous. ok, just plain self-righteous. i'm not sure a little is even possible with that term. i begin to see it as a battle to be won, good v. evil, the fate of the world depends on it. in short, i fall prey to the metaphors too common in the culture.

most political/sports conversation doesn't help my nerves. rather than informed, rational, academic debate, there is bumpersticker boosterism and unreasoned cultural sub-group signifiers (your team/candidate is stupid because i've been brought up to say that). smart people make me the saddest. i rarely meet someone who has come to their political choices based on study and reason. it's coke or pepsi prejudice all the way around.

my choices, since they're mine, are the exception, of course. i root for michigan for profound, logical reasons. my choice for judge would be supported by the greatest greek logician.

the bottom line is that if a room caught on fire, I wouldn't ask if a person were democrat or republican before saving them (or more likely, before them saving me). the world won't end (probably) regardless of who is elected. the much hated bureaucracy saves us from radical change.

should i give up my recently revitalized political enthusiasm? doubtful. it will come back anyway. thankfully, it is my irritations that keep my mind lively. when contentment comes, it will be time to say goodbye.

tomorrow--drinking stories.


Ugly Angie said...

I'm never wearing my glasses and the big poofball on my head again...that was a good look for me too...damn her...

ugly wife said...

and i've ordered yards signs and t-shirts.

on to word verification: livob. no problem.

Ugly Angie said...

good grief uglywife...we better not go any further with this...i'd hate to duke it out in your front yard...we'll stop here. we have too beautiful of a friendship. I tried to find a fitting Archie Bunker quote but couldn't...however there are some good one's here: