18 September 2008

grandslam breakfast drink

my creative output has been limited to drinkables as of late. i haven't even written a note to myself on a 3x5 card or on the back of a coaster. as long as the creative spirit is still alive, though, i shouldn't complain. cash, checks, and gold bars are all money.

above is from last friday when i invented the grandslam, a breakfast alternative to the bloody mary. it is a tall screwdriver with beef jerky and a deviled egg inserted. all it needed was toast to be a complete breakfast. the bad news was that it tasted as bad as it sounded. the last inch was an orange eggy mush that took some effort to suck through a straw. the good news was deviled eggs.

we suggested that they serve deviled eggs on trays like shots after the kitchen closes. at a buck a pop, it would be quite a money maker. america loves deviled eggs. i'm certain of it.

my latest invention is waiting in the cooler. the jagersteak! sporto the cook took our suggestion of marinating a steak in jagermeister and onions. tall glass, complete onion. as of last night it stank. when cooked up for us tomorrow, we hope it will start a nationwide trend. with a side of deviled eggs, it could become a signature dish.

i will report if this creative experiment turns out better than last friday's pulpy mess.

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Ugly Angie said...

Wow----I'm impressed you let us see your face! Well, you know what they say about those deviled eggs...