22 September 2008

mortality and questions

  • the birth and death of the jagersteak
    we looked forward to it. we got it. it wasn't bad. the jagersteak--steak drinking a cup of jagermeister for two days in the cooler--was flavorful. liquorice steak with onion. we cut it up and let people sample it. two spit it. one became a vegetarian. two thought it was ok. only one, mailman jeff, loved it, calling it "savory." his taste buds may have been under the influence of an afternoon of beer marinated glass. shot-and-a-beer carol designed a scientific test to save and perfect the jagersteak. perhaps it's time has come and gone.
  • fall marks the lingering death of nature
    fall is here and the crickets slowly stagger to their deaths. many lose a leg or two along their walk to nowhere. like frogs, most bugs, and a lot of road kill, they die on their backs. since these beasts never spend a living moment on their backs, i can only guess that this dying posture is a sign to others in the animal kingdom: "no life here."
  • what if cars were like horses?
    you would have to fill up your car every day whether or not you drove it.
  • catapillar heads
    n asks how catapillars form those cacoons over their entire body. how does the head get covered? how does the covering know when to stop?
  • i am happy that a few days of no bogging makes me nervous. the habit is starting to form.


ugly wife said...

the jagersteak experience was very bad and disappointing. what a let down! a chunk of old horse crap would have tasted the same as the steak had it been marinated in jager and onions for three days: nasty!

and about the caterpillars (i wish i could spell), i still don't have any answers. i feel compelled to take some time off to follow one around until it does its thing.

Ugly Angie said...

you should totally do it! (follow the pillar 'round)

ugly wife said...

and i saw a pretty yellow one with long 'hair' the other day. i wonder where it was going. i'm tempted to do it but probably won't be able to find one. what if i did find one and began following it--where will it go? how far will it travel? who will keep track of it should i need to pee? this is going to take some thought and planning.