23 September 2008

two for uglyangie

i don't write poetry as has been amply proven. here then are two written quickly while thinking about recent uglyangie blogs. uglywife is next.


each day she took a single marble
from a big glass jar by her bed

and rolled it out the door.
another day, another marble.

when all the marbles are gone
she figured she would be gone

as well. why count up toward death
on a calendar when you can count down

to death with a marble jar?
rolling, rolling, gone.

sacred clutter

burn the field to teach
the deer some discipline--
disorderly bugs and grasses too.

leafs got you down? chop
the tree. pave the yard
to save your porch from mud.

god has messy fingers.
make him wash before
eating in your kitchen.

gut his cathedrals--
candles drip, saints and
kneelers collect dust.

look at lunar landscape
for inspiration. wish for
boxless nothing for christmas.

the coffin is clean
and hermetically sealed.
no clutter there.


Ugly Angie said...

wow...thanks for making me cry. those are poems you quickly put together? I can't even imagine what you would write in a long stretch of time...they both were quite beautiful. "Sacred Clutter" needs to be submitted somewhere as soon as possible...I can't believe the travels...from alter to moon...very very well-crafted. whatever---your poems are great. i reread your dog one just the other day. you talk about simple things like that Billy Collins dude but without the academic pretension...(sorry Billy---maybe it's just your Poet's Voice. I don't like the Poet Voice or the Theatre Voice...I especially dislike the Poetry Slam voice)Scott, it's wonderful. Thank you.

Ugly Angie said...

Why did uglywife turn her comments off?????? How am I a gonna comment?

oh, so when are you going to send out the clean coffin poem? that one is done.