29 September 2008

stupid webcam pics

soon uglycousin will be updated and revamped. i finally got a new and living computer.

the greatest feature so far (the distraction from my uglywork and "real" work) is the built-in webcam. i can now watch myself sit at a computer. i've spent years criticizing people's sad looking self-pics--arm length photos of strained expressions or lonely webcamming home alone pics--and now i can create some for others to criticize.

now i have no excuses not to write, no excuses not to update. i miss excuses. my first assignment is a response to angie's what to write entry. the fiction i enjoy writing isn't "realistic." the life i enjoy living isn't very realistic either. i will have to give this some thought before writing all the way through, though. and, i will have to snap an appropriate shot of myself to accompany the blog entry. i will try not to make whatever it is look so lonely.

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